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Investing in precious metals will never go out of fashion, as it acts as a hedge against inflation and expands your financial portfolio. Australian Silver Coins are an excellent choice for investment, and their unique design adds to their value. The most popular coins include silver Kookaburra design, silver Koala, distinctive Kangaroo design, and many more. Some of these designs are also available in 0.5 ounces with a .999 purity. It gives just about anyone the chance to invest in silver coins today!

The Perth Mint of Australia is one of the world's most recognized mining facilities. If you are wondering whether the Perth Mint Silver coins are ideal for you or not, let us discuss the potential value of the Mints products and their history.

History of Perth Mint

The Australian Perth Mint, founded as a part of the Royal British Mint, London 1899, is an unquestionable world leader. In 1957, the mint helped set the purity standards for precious metals, which became a benchmark for the quality standards in Great Britain and eventually for the whole world. Until the Act of Government in 1987, it was responsible for supplying gold found in Western Australia to the British Empire. In 2012, the Perth Mint won a Guinness World Record for minting One Ton of Australian Kangaroo Gold Coin.

It was also known for producing legal tender for Australia. Today the Perth Mint operates independently of the Royal Australian Mint and creates highly collectible and exquisitely designed gold and silver coins, appealing in Australia and the world beyond. Although, it still enjoys the status of legal tender for its bullion coinage and programs. The Perth Mint Silver and gold is quite popular among investors and collectors because of the purity and beautiful composition of the products.

With advanced manufacturing technologies, over a century of minting experience, and design artistry, Australia’s oldest operating mint is one of the most elite refineries around the globe. It produces pure gold, silver, and platinum Perth Mint Coins acknowledged universally for premium quality, innovative design, and supreme craftsmanship. Their wide range of products is perfect for the budget of every investor and collector. Perth mint specializes in producing both proof and uncirculated coinage along with annual releases of their coin programs.

It also offers custom services to commemorate coins, medals, and even jewelry. Each coin from the mint comes with a highly appreciated green assay certificate and mintmark that verifies the metal and its purity and makes it the most sought-after coin in the competitive marketplace. Lunar Series is one of the most successful and famous coin programs. Other well-known silver coins are:

Australian Perth Mint Silver Koala

Many Investors seek 99.9% or even 99.99% of fine purity coins and purchase Perth Mint Silver Koala Coins that capture the essence of unmatched Australian wildlife. The collectors buy Silver Koala Coin because of their attractive theme and the annual change in the reverse design. It has an established reputation due to its exceptional quality and numismatic value.

The iconic Australian Silver Koala Coin was first released in 2007 and has gained nothing but popularity in the bullion market ever since. It is composed of .999 fine silver. The reverse features the picture of a sleepy koala snuggled between the branches of a eucalyptus tree with the inscription- ‘Australian Koala.’ It also represents the year of issue, weight, and purity of the design. The obverse of the silver koala coin portrays Jody Clark’s image of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II with the monetary denomination.

Australian Silver Kookaburra

The highly prized Silver Kookaburra was issued in 1990 with a .999 fineness. These premium quality coins are much sought after by collectors and investors because the one-ounce edition is limited to just half a million. Australian Kookaburra Coin has one of the lowest annual productions.

The Perth Mint’s Kookaburra series comprises an elegant design that changes annually and remains unmatched with the uniqueness of any other mint. The obverse features the image of Queen Elizabeth II and the native Australian bird- the Kookaburra on the reverse. The reverse also represents the Year of Production, Fineness, Weight, and ‘P’ for Perth Mint. Every yearly issue depicts the birth differently with a new design.

Australian Perth Mint Silver Kangaroo

Perth Mint is well-known for its iconic bullion- the Silver Kangaroo. It was first produced in 1993 as an alternate to the world-famous Gold Nugget Kangaroo. It soon became a favorite with investors and collectors from around the globe. These one-year-only designs have become incredibly popular and are highly desirable.

The reverse of a 1oz Silver Kangaroo Coin portrays the image of the Kangaroo- Australia’s National Animal with other mintage specifications. The obverse of the coin features the picture of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The coin has an Australian Legal Tender value of $1 (AUD) and is composed of .9999 of pure silver.

Australian Perth Mint Silver Lunar Coins

The Australian Lunar Series is a highly coveted and worldwide collectible item. This annual series of 12 coins honor the Chinese culture and community by displaying 12 animals from the Chinese Lunar Calendar. These coins are available in a range of sizes. The recent 2021 edition was the Year of Ox Silver Perth Mint Coin. Other Chinese characters used are- Tiger, Dragon, Pig, Rat, etc.

The obverse features the official portrait of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, and the reverse of the coin portrays the images of the 12 Chinese Zodiac Animals. Every coin has 99.99% pure silver. They come in 1kg, 5oz, 2oz, 1oz, ½ oz, 1/10oz, and other options.

Buy Australian Silver Coins from Camino Coin Company

If you wish to buy Australian silver coins online, you should contact our experienced team at 800.348.8001 or to get the best assistance. We are eager to answer all your questions and help you buy the highest grade of silver to add to your collection or portfolio. You can also purchase Gold Bullion Coins, Gold Bars, and other Silver Bullion Coins online from Camino Company.

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