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Even though gold remains the king of precious metals, millions of people invest in silver to bring affordability and diversity to their portfolios. You can buy silver in various forms including, coins, bars, rounds, statues, and more. One very prominent reason for beginners and expert investors to buy silver bullion online is that Silver per Oz is much lower than the price of other precious metals such as gold, platinum, and palladium. The history of the US Silver Coin also excites the collectors.

History of US Mint

Among the three mints in America, the United States Mint coins the highest volume of gold and silver coinage. The products from the Mint are very popularly known to investors and collectors all over the world. The US Mint was established on April 2, 1792, after congress passed the Coinage Act. It delivered its first circulating coins with 11,178 Copper Cents on March 1793. The production of silver and gold started in 1794 and 1795, respectively. Before 1964, the US minted silver coins had 900 pure silver content.

The Mint offers bullion coinage from gold, silver, platinum, and palladium to historic US gold and silver circulation coins. Although the US Mint no longer produces silver coins for circulation, millions of investors and collectors show a keen interest in their purity, affordability, and exquisite design. There is no shortage of options to buy silver from the Mint.

The US Silver Coins come in a range of designs from historical figures, iconic sites, animals, and more. Each series boasts a unique design that includes pictures of figures like the American Bald Eagle and Lady Liberty.

One of the most popular coins ever issued by the United States Mint was the $20 Gold Double Eagle. They later came in denominations of Eagle ($10), Half Eagle ($5), Quarter-Eagle ($2.50), and the Famed Double Eagle. Other historic US Silver Bullion Coins are the Morgan Silver Dollar by George T. Morgan (1878 to 1921), Walking Liberty Half Dollar by Adolph A. Weinman (1916 to 1947), Mercury Dime also designed by Adolph A. Weinman (1916 to 1945), and many more.

A few of the most celebrated US Silver Coins offered by Camino Coin Company are mentioned below:

  • American Silver Eagle Coin

The American Silver Eagle is the premier bullion coins series from the United States Mint. It first debuted in 1986 and has been coined with some common design elements. In recent years, there has been a striking increase in the demand for American Eagle 1oz Silver Bullion Coin. Ever since its launch, investors and collectors have widely appreciated the Silver Eagle’s classic reverse and obverse design due to the high quality and purity it offers. It is one of the most successful bullion programs produced by the US Mint as it has had a solid image in the market for over decades.

Every coin in the collections features an extraordinary Heraldic American Bald Eagle designed by John Mercanti on the reverse and Adolph A. Weinman’s famous Walking Liberty on the obverse side. It is available only in the 1 Troy Oz option with 99.9% pure silver. Its weight, silver content, and purity are guaranteed by the U.S. government, which makes it an excellent choice for investors. The American Eagle Silver Coin is highly collected as it enjoys unparalleled liquidity and recognition.

  • $500 Face Value

At Camino Coin Company, we offer a $500 Face Value Bag of 90% silver coins. This canvas bag contains a combination of 90% silver coins dated back to 1964 or earlier. At the beginning of 1965, the US Mint started subtracting pure silver from the minting process and reduced the 90% of pure silver to 40%. Now, as the Mint has completely removed pure silver content from the mix, these coins from almost 5 decades ago have become particularly collectible items. The $500 (Face Value) US silver bullion coins represent an eventful era in US coinage.

These coins with 90% pure silver come in different denominations. It includes dimes or quarters, dated to 1964 and before. The bag is filled discreetly depending upon the inventory at the time of the order. Each bag approximately comprises 357.50 ounces of pure silver. The $500 Face Value bag is an outstanding option in every respect to add tangible wealth to your portfolio or to collect significant coinage.

  • $100 Face Value

You can also buy a $100 Face Value Bag with 90% silver coins from 1964 and earlier. We sell bags consisting of silver coins produced by the United States Mint with 90% silver content. It also includes different denominations of coins that add up the total value of the bag to $100. Some bags might also contain a single denomination of either dime or quarters instead of a mix. The coins in the bag rely on the inventory available at the time of the order placed.

This set of coins is an easy option to invest in or even add to the rare collection of coins. Every bag with a $100 Face Value of silver coins is equivalent to roughly 71.5 ounces of pure silver.

  • US 90% Silver Coinage- Pre 1965 Junk Silver

The Junk Silver Coins are made from 90% fine silver and are known as the old US currency coins. Their value is based on their silver content. They were first minted by the US Government pre-1965, with half-dollars, quarters, and dimes. They are called the Junk Silver merely due to the condition of the coins. These coins come in various conditions, from brilliant uncirculated coins to worn-out but eminent circulated coins. US 90% Silver Coins are among the most sought-after coins because of their currency value and pure silver content.

They are ideal for long-term investment, given the silver bullion value attached to them. Collectors who understand the significance of such coins treasure them. The Junk Silver Coins are also called the Constitutional Silver Coins.

Buying US Coins from Camino Coin Company

If you wish to buy US Silver Coins online, Camino Coin Company got you covered. Our highly trained team offers you the best assistance in buying top-quality silver coins, gold bullion coins, and more. Feel free to reach out to us at 800.348.8001 with your questions.

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