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Buy Austrian Gold Philharmonic Coins Online at Camino Coin Company

Investing in gold coins has been one of the best options for decades. A variety of gold coins are available in the market today. This opportunity has something in store for both the collector and the investor. The choices range from gold bars to gold bullion coins produced by sovereign mints. These are not only suitable for investments but are also popular presents for birthdays, graduation and more!

Austrian Gold Coins are one of the most fascinating coins because of their magnificent designs. They are popularly known as the Austrian Gold Philharmonic and have been in existence since 1989. These coins are produced by the Austrian Mint, which has been making coins for over 8 centuries. These coins are an attractive collectible investment and the best-selling bullion coin in Europe for a reason. It is composed with a millesimal fineness of .9999, equivalent to 24 karat gold. Their intriguing design and purity of gold make them a great option to invest in.


Austrian Duke Leopold found the first mint of his kingdom in Vienna in 1194. It came to be known as the Austrian Mint. It was established to produce pennies from the 35-ton silver ransom received for the release of Richard the Lionheart by England. The Austrian Mint has been fabricating the highest quality coins for more than 800 years. It has an impressive history of stories enriched with tradition.

It has used various minting processes like working with a hammer or using the method of ring-minting. These methods have been upgraded and industrialized over the years. With centuries-old craftsmanship and traditions combined with the latest technology of coin-making, it offers the most beautiful and unique coin designs globally. The Austrian Mint, is among the world's leading mints, with more than 825 years of experience, in processing precious metals and coins. The innovative approach and numismatics experts have helped build its international profile. Its prime responsibility is to produce Euro circulation coins for the Republic of Austria. In 1988, the Austrian Mint started operating as a private company and became the sole manufacturer of coinage for the people of Austria.

It is owned entirely by the Austrian National Bank and generates around 350 million coins a year. Apart from minting official coins, it also processes precious metals into bullion coins and has an attractive range of collectible coins and medals. The artists use a plastic cast to achieve the exact image on the coins. The Austrian Mint coin program is recognized globally. Hence, Austrian Gold Philharmonic coins are produced in both gold and silver.


The Austrian Mint’s most successful product is the Gold Philharmonic Coin, also referred to as the Gold Vienna Philharmonic. It was launched in 1989 and was soon the best-selling bullion coin in Europe and second in the world in 1990. It remains a big hit among investors and collectors and is an ideal purchase for a new and established investor. Earlier it was available only in 1 oz and ¼ oz gold options. Later it was introduced into more sizes. Its unique design and 24 karat gold (.9999) make it more eminent.

It is one of the many gold coins in Europe to be produced on a mass scale because of its popularity, but its primary purpose was to commemorate the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. With its 30th anniversary, the design of this Austrian Gold Philharmonic coin has been the same since 1989. Throughout its existence except for the listing of face values, there has hardly been any change in its design. It is listed with a face value of Euros. You can buy Austrian Gold Philharmonic online from the Camino Coin Company with top-notch quality, various denominations, and at the best prices.


The Austrian Mint entrusted their chief engraver Thomas Pesendorfer to design their official gold bullion coin. In 1989, Mr. Pesendorfer fabricated a design reflecting the cultural pride of the Austrians in their treasured Orchestra. It pays tribute to the world-famous Austrian Philharmonic Orchestra. This Austrian gold coin has remained in high demand ever since 1989. The whole Austrian Gold Philharmonic series is composed of 99.99% pure gold. Until 2002 the coins were marked in Austrian Shillings, which were later, changed to Euros.

The reverse of the coin consists of various musical instruments played by the members of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. It represents an orchestral instrument with a Cello, at the center flanked by four violins, a French horn, a harp, and a bassoon. The coin is engraved with “Weiner Philharmoniker” on the face, which is the name of the coin, The Vienna Philharmonic, in German. The design of this coin has remained the same since 1989, and they are so popular that it is recreated in silver Philharmonic coins. It is such a sought-after and esteemed design because of the array of instruments featured on the gold coins. This best-selling bullion coin in Europe has been the top-selling gold coin in the world 3 out of 5 times since the 1990s.

On the obverse of every Austrian gold coin is an image of a Musikverein pipe organ. The Musikverein Wien is the traditional concert hall of Vienna, also known as the Golden Hall of Vienna. The Pipe Organ was used by the artists of the Vienna Philharmonic in their performances. It is one of the most famous musical instruments in the world today. The side of the coin also has “Republik Österreich” and “1 Unze Gold 999.9” imprinted in the native German language, meaning the Republic of Austria. It also has the year of issue, face value, and coin's weight.


Austrian gold Koronas are the most imperative coins to be a part of a rare coin collection. These Hungarian Korona coins are ideal for an investor as well as for a coin collector. The historic prestige of the Austro-Hungarian Korona period has made these gold bullion coins invaluable. It s recognized as a priceless asset all around the globe, with an exquisite design and 0.9802 oz of actual gold content.

These coins are related to the history of the Austro-Hungarian Empire featuring the Imperial coat of arms and a portrait of the Emperor. The gold Korona was the official currency of the empire from 1892. The 1908 Hungarian 100 Korona gold coins are a way of the Austrian Mint to honor Hungary. The obverse of the Hungarian Korona coin portrays the Austro-Hungarian ruler, Franz Joseph I of Austria, and the reverse has an image of the Hungarian coats of arms.


These coins have gained instant popularity in Japan, North America, and China after Europe. The demand for Austrian Gold Coins is very high because of their fame and excellent resale potential. It is an optimal investment for the investor and a limited gold coin element to add to your collection as a collector. To buy Austrian Gold Philharmonic online, visit Camino Coin Company or contact us at 800.348.8001. We promise to resolve all your queries and offer the best advice!

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