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Selling Gold to Camino Coin Company

Sell Gold Bullion, Numismatic Coins, and Jewelry

We buy almost any form of precious metals. Gold. Silver. Platinum. Palladium. Whether you are looking to liquidate your bullion holdings, sell a few unwanted collectible numismatic coins, or empty an old jewelry box or silverware set, we can handle your sale.

Selling Gold & Silver Coins to us

  • Our traders do not work on commission.
  • All prices are based on current, up-to-the-minute, market values.
  • All prices are indications until you receive an order number. Once you receive an order number, prices are locked in. If the market changes, you will still get paid the price that was agreed to.
  • We provide quotes over the phone: (800) 348-8001

For our buy prices of individual gold coins, gold bars or common date numismatic items, please click on the individual coin or bar image in either the bullion or numismatic section of our website. The Camino Coin Company's buyback price will be displayed on that page under the section where we show our selling prices.

We buy gold, silver, platinum, and palladium in coins, rounds and bars. You can see our buy price for any many of our items on each individual coin or bar page. below the Add to Cart button. Pricing is determined by market forces which includes the gold or silver spot price, the condition of your item, as well as the demand for specific products.

Your bullion items can either be shipped to us or dropped off in person.

However, even if there is no demand for the product you have, it will have an underlying value for its gold, silver, platinum or palladium content with our refiners. So, no matter what type or size of gold, silver, platinum or palladium coins or bars you have, drop by for a quote or give us a call.

Our buy prices on our site assumes you are selling at least $5000 in value. If you are selling less than that, we may, at our discretion, quote you a lower price than what is indicated on our site.

Some collectible coins vary greatly in value due to their condition. If these coins have not been independently graded by either PCGS or NGC, we will first need to see them to determine the condition and price.

Shipping to us

If you plan to ship your items to us, we highly recommend that you ship it Registered Mail with the US Postal System. In addition, we recommend that you pack your items tightly so that neither the coins or bars can move around within the package. You are solely responsible for shipping your items and until we sign for it, they still belong to you. You must send it signature required regardless of which carrier you choose.


If you are selling to us in person, we will pay you with a check or cash. A bank wire is an option for a $35 fee in some circumstances but at our discretion. We will issue the payment as soon as we have checked all of your items for their authenticity and can usually do that while you wait if you are dropping off in person.

If you ship your items to us, we open all packages under video surveillance to ensure that what we say we have received is documented and matches what you sent. If there are any discrepancies, we will call you immediately. Payment will be issued by check within 48 hours of authenticating your items.

Sell Gold Jewelry or other Precious Metal scrap.

Transparency, Pricing, Discretion

We utilize standard industry methods to determine the types and quantities of different metals in an item. We have been evaluating scrap jewelry and other scrap precious metals for years. We are open about how we pay you for your unwanted jewelry and how we came to that valuation.

We Buy Gold, Silver or Platinum Jewelry, and Silverware. Many people are unsure of how to sell their unwanted jewelry and/or silverware and are hesitant to know which proprietors they can trust proprietors. At Camino Coin Company, we provide an comfortable, transparent, and fair environment for individuals or estates to liquidate unwanted precious metals. We have a convenient storefront to serve you: Just south of San Francisco in Burlingame.



Camino Coin Company buys all types of old gold jewelry, silver jewelry, platinum jewelry, placer gold, silver flatware, holloware, tea sets, etc. The condition, brand, or design is not important as we simply buy it for its precious metal content. As such, our process to determine the value is based upon purity, weight and the spot price of gold silver or platinum. We weigh the items in front of you, on government certified scales and we use the spot price of gold, silver, or platinum at that very moment to determine the value of your items. The process is fast and transparent. We explain everything we are doing each step of the way. We have been a family owned business for 40 years and want to be around for another 40 so treating you fairly is our priority



We assist probate attorneys, estate lawyers, and estate executors with the valuation and/or liquidation of items containing precious metals.

We often perform estate valuations for jewelry, coins, silverware or other items. Our turn around time will depend up on the number of items and the type of service needed, but usually can be done in can be as little as a few minutes for one or two items, but if the estate is large with hundreds of items it may take a few days.

Reasons to sell your Dental Scrap to Camino

Gold Tooth
  • Although many people don't realize it, many dental devices (crowns, bridges, etc) have gold content. Why throw away money, which you effectively are doing if you leave it with your dentist when you can trade it in with us.
  • We are local.
  • If you are a dentist and have a container full of gold fillings bring it to us and we can have it refined for you.
  • Offsite refining should yield a more accurate assay given the variation in each piece of dental gold and turnaround time is 1-3 days.
  • We can pay you in cash, check, bank wire, or bullion.
  • Camino Coin wants to be your local gold dental scrap refiner of choice. Most suppliers require that you send them your dental gold in the mail and you have no idea how they come up with the value. We want our relationship to be long-term so we provide a transparent process for you to sell gold crowns, bridges, caps, etc. If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area and have not already used our services, please feel free to call us. (800) 348-8001

Do you have any type of industrial precious metals? Thermocouple wire, sputtering targets, platinum crucibles, etc? Bring them by our office for evaluation and we can take care of getting you the maximum payout.

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